Saturday, May 27, 2017



Some people always have great plans for my projects whether it's rosaries, writing, drawing, pictures or Jizos. You should show your pictures. You should sell your rosaries. You should write a book about Jizos.

You should.
You should.
You should.

The "You shoulds" are always a combination of advice and an implied judgment that my efforts to date are too uncomfortably small for them.

But I see these things for what they are - tiny gestures in the face of the infinite maelstrom and am happy if once in a while, they land in the hands or before the eyes of one of my fellow travelers and it makes them happy.

The plain fact of the matter is that we're all small. Even the greatest among us are, as Song Chol Sunim said "Foam upon the waves." So, when I am being told "You should" I am also quietly imagining one bubble advising another to "add a bit more iridescence here" or "you would be better if you were a larger diameter" just before they both winked out of existence.



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